AdBuild is delighted to announce the appointment of Colin Daly to the role of Chief Executive Officer.


Known for his inspirational leadership, forward-thinking insights and strong ability to empower those around him, Colin will drive a strategic and bright future for AdBuild.

With a top-level executive background in New Zealand and Australia, across a diverse range of industries, Colin brings fresh eyes to the talented team at AdBuild.

Colin is passionate about collaboration and working as one team with a focus on quality. His leadership demonstrates the understanding that quality is only as good as any individual moving part in a business and as such, he is always looking to improve what is done, how it is done, and always thinking of better ways of doing something.

Colin said, “I am tremendously excited to join AdBuild – there is a real opportunity to create a paradigm shift within the New Zealand building industry. Our manufacturing and construction methods are unique, solution-oriented and we provide a significant competitive advantage with the speed we can deliver the end product. We are able to offer innovative, end-to-end, turnkey solutions from the initial design all the way through to building occupancy. AdBuild has a great team with more modular experience than anyone else in the market and I look forward to growing the business into the future.”

AdBuild owner and COO, Wayne O’Brien said, “We are really pleased Colin has decided to join the AdBuild team. Colin brings a wealth of leadership and commercial experience which will be critical as we grow into the New Zealand market.”